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Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
aku adalah aku. walau sebanyak mana kau membenci aku, aku tetap takkan berubah hanya untuk kau ♥

...Never Be Replaced...

Baby, i love u n i'll never let u go..but if i have two boy i think that u should know.
All the love we made can never be erased and i promise u that u wont never be replaced.
I love u, yes i do.
I'll be with u as long as u want me too..until the end of time.
From the day i met u i know we'd be together and now i know i wanna be with u forever.
I wanna marry u and i wanna have ur kids.
It can never compare to the feeling of ur kisses.
I can say i'm truly happy to this day.
U make me thank god that i live my life everyday..theres never be a doubt in my mind..that i regret ever having u by my side.
But if the day comes that i have to let u go, i think there's something i should probably let u know.
Enjoyed everyday that i spend with u and i wont miss u cause i'm happy that i had u at all.
i love u,yes i do......

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